Caesar Ceramiche launches Iconica tile collection at Clerkenwell Design Week

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Promotion: Italian and US-based tile brand Caesar Ceramics has released a range of porcelain tiles named Iconica, which take cues from the natural patterning of travertine.

Travertine is a type of limestone that has been used throughout architecture and design history, and in the making of Iconica, Caesar Ceramics wanted to create a porcelain-based tile range informed by the traditional material.

“Caesar captures the evergreen beauty of travertine and reinterprets it in a ceramic way,” said Caesar Ceramics.

Iconica has patterning reminiscent of travertine stone

The variable inclusions found in natural limestone are distilled into two pattern variations within the Iconica collection.

Verso has lengthy striations that have a graded pinstripe effect whereas Contro is characterised by its cloudy surface with loosely rounded forms.

The patterns are gentle enough to facilitate continuity between the two, meaning that they can be applied in tandem with each other as well as separately.

Iconica can be used in private and public settings

Navona is a cool toned neutral shade, while Classico has a warmer, honey-coloured hue. Verso also comes in an additional colour named Silver.

The tiles are suitable for both dry and wet areas in private and public spaces, from domestic wet rooms to poolside terraces.

The tiles come in a range of sizes and shapes

The Iconica collection comes in four different tile shapes. Verso comes in the Straight style, which has lengthy strip-shaped tiles whereas Hexa consists of individual diamond-shaped tiles that create geometric patterns when laid together.

The shapes available in the Contro style include Comp M, which has a mosaic-like appearance made up of small square tiles, while Rustic has larger square and rectangular profiles.

“[Straight and Hexa] enrich the compositional possibilities with simple, clean geometries, [Comp M and Rustic] feature irregular edges typical of tumbling on the material,” said the brand.

Iconica will be launched at Ceramiche Caesar’s London showroom during Clerkenwell Design Week, which takes place from 23 to 25 May 2023.

To learn more about Iconica, visit Ceramiche Caesar’s website.

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