Healthy Skin And Halthy Lifestyle

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Healthy skin requires a healthy

skin is not only an indicator of beauty, but it also tells us about our overall
health. Our skin is affected by so many factors, including internal as well as
external. Improper diet and poor lifestyle can cause some serious harm to our

achieve healthy skin, a healthy lifestyle is what you need. This doesn’t mean
that you need some fancy and expensive products and tools. By making a few
simple changes in your daily life routine, you can improve your skin health.

most important thing in achieving healthy skin is a well-balanced meal pattern.
In today’s world, our exposure to greasy and oily food has increased
significantly, which has affected our overall health. Excessive refined
carbohydrates and sugar intake can disturb our gut health. If our gut is not
working properly, it also reflects on our face. Fruits and vegetables are rich
in antioxidants which protect our skin from free radical damage and slow down
the aging process. Our meals should be well balanced, including every food
group, to achieve optimal health.

environment also has a substantial impact on our skin. Excessive exposure to
sunlight affects our skin badly. UV rays coming directly from the sun rupture
our skin barrier and may cause damage to the skin. Prolonged exposure to
sunlight may also cause skin cancer. Environmental pollutants and dirt also
have damaging effects on our skin. To prevent damage, a proper skincare routine
is necessary. A good cleanser followed by a hydrating moisturizer and sunscreen
is all you need. If you are not doing anything fancy but following this routine
religiously, you will see a visible difference.

sleeping habits are also critical to our skin health. If we have disturbed
sleep and are habitual of sleeping late at night, it can also affect our skin
such as causing dark circles and fine lines. Inadequate sleep also increases
the process of skin aging. Taking a sound sleep of 7-8 hours is necessary.

yourself hydrated is also a key to overall good health. The human body needs a
regular water intake to perform various body functions. To keep skin hydrated,
you must use moisturizers with good ingredients such as hyaluronic acid,
glycerine, etc. Try to avoid prolonged hot water baths. Avoid the use of
fragrance and denatured alcohol in your products.

is another culprit in damaging your skin. It can be the reason for many skin
conditions, such as psoriasis, redness, and acne. Excessive release of stress
hormones such as cortisol is indirectly linked with activating pro-inflammatory
skin cells. Research has shown that meditation can reduce the production of
cortisol and positively impact our skin health.

skin is different. First, we must understand our skin type and see what works
best for us. Following impractical beauty trends blindly can cost you more
damage. Always buy products according to your skin type. Purchase only clean and non-toxic skincare products. Avoid iffy ingredients
in your products by reading the labels before making any purchase. Nothing
works magically on your skin. Be consistent with your routine other than
finding shortcuts, which will help you achieve good skin
in the long run.

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