Sweet dreams are a click away with this amazing portable sound machine

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Let yourself be whisked away on a bed of soft, fluffy clouds featuring the best sleep of your life. There’s nothing I can do about the clouds (sorry!) but as for the best sleep of your life, that’s just a click away.

My husband and I’s bedtime routine never included sound machines. We just accepted that some nights we’d toss and turn until the birds started their morning vocal exercises and other nights, when the rain pattered against the windows and thunder roared all night long, we’d be lulled to sleep by mother nature.

And then we drank the tea. The metaphorical tea that so many parents and fellow adults drink every night in the form of a portable sound machine. But not just any sound machine. Specifically, the Dreamegg Portable Sound Machine, aka the best portable sound machine ever.

What is the Dreamegg Portable Sound Machine?

The Dreamegg is a little guy that packs a whole lot. With 21 sounds in total, including nature sounds and a variety of white noise options, it would be hard to not find something that works for you and your family. Plus, if your throat needs some TLC because your little one only falls asleep to the sound of “shh,” don’t fret because they have that as an option too. (Kind of like the miraculous Baby Shusher lots of parents swear by, but even better!)

This compact but powerful portable sound machine comes with three set timers: 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes. But, if you’re feeling particularly stressed and you want to be soothed by the mesmerizing sound of crashing waves all night long, there’s an option to let it run freely.

We fell asleep to the pitter-patter of rain for three nights. The first night I left it on for 90 minutes and noticed that it fades slowly to silent towards the end. A bonus when you think about how an abrupt end could jarring for some. The next two nights I left it on until the morning and my husband turned it off before he left for work. I have yet to recharge it! When it does need to be charged, it comes with a little USB cord that makes life so much easier. Just charge, use and re-charge as needed.

The design is perfect for little ones too. Besides the aforementioned magic of the “shhhh” sound, it includes a handful of lullabies, a heartbeat and even a vacuum cleaner which is strangely soothing. For naps on the go, just secure the convenient ring to their stroller or car seat. Plus, it’s an unassuming color perfect for any aesthetic, yes, even “sad beige parent.”

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