Zeus bed frame by Wooliv

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Dezeen Showroom: Portuguese furniture brand Wooliv has launched the Zeus bed frame, which has a deliberately simple form crafted from wood.

Zeus is designed by Wooliv to retain focus on the natural materials from which it is made while striking “a harmonious balance between comfort and design”.

Wooliv has launched the Zeus bed frame

Its sleek form is handmade from natural wood, including walnut, oak and rosewood. It is animated by its curved headboard, which has a decorative fluted finish.

According to the brand, wood was chosen for its longevity and durability.

It has a decorative headboard

“Our Zeus bed is a masterpiece of luxury and craftsmanship, completely handmade with precision and attention to detail,” said Wooliv.

“You can choose a combination of sleek natural wood types, creating a harmonious balance between comfort and design.”

Product: Zeus bed frame
Brand: Wooliv
Contact: info@wooliv.pt

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